Research Areas

  • The paradigm of social communication research in Ukraine at the beginning of the XXI century.

Characteristics of the priorities of social communication research in Ukraine at the beginning of the XXI century.  through the analysis of formation of concepts, theories, doctrines in the spheres of information, library, archival business and bibliography.


  • Ukrainian musicological scientific thought and national choral culture in the conditions of integration cultural and artistic processes of development of modern European society

Contemporary musicological, source and medieval studies of national musical art in the context of the development of European culture of the XVI-XXI centuries.


  • Ukrainian music pedagogy and trends in its development in the XXI century.

Modern conceptual directions of music education development in Ukraine, world systems and concepts of general music education, scientific and methodical works of music teachers, methodical bases of preparation of future teachers of music art.


  • Paradigm of choreographic art in the world and in Ukraine (dance culture, choreographic pedagogy, systematics, interaction with cultural and historical factors)

Genesis of genre and stylistic features of choreography in Ukraine and the world, the interaction of choreographic art with cultural and artistic processes and phenomena, the formation of choreology as an art discipline.


  • Art culture of Ukraine and the European context: source studies and comparative studies

Comparative research on the history and current present of Ukrainian theatrical, fine, cinematic art, aimed at revealing and studying the mutual contacts of Ukrainian artists with the European cultural environment in chronological and diachronic aspects.


  •  Management of socio-cultural activities as a branch of applied cultural studies

The research of theoretical and methodological foundations of socio-cultural management, substantiation of conceptual foundations and analysis of trends in regional socio-cultural management as a component of applied cultural studies, historical aspects of socio-cultural activities of the national elite, its place and role in nation-building and state-building.