The strategic task of the Faculty of Culture and Arts of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv is quality training of new generation specialists, creation of decent conditions for teaching and work of students and teachers in creative academic environment, development and support of scientific and creative initiatives to promote the integration of national art education and culture into the world space.

Basic principles of activity:

• respect for the personality of the student, teacher and faculty member;

• following the rules of academic ethics;

• preservation of cultural and artistic traditions in a meaningful combination with innovative approaches and ideas;

• promotion of creative initiative for the development of cultural and artistic scientific and pedagogical traditions;

• active development of international partnership, scientific and creative interaction with colleagues in Ukraine and abroad;

• transparency, discipline, reasonableness and consistency combined with personal and collective responsibility for decision-making.

In the near future, the faculty plans to create English-language courses and English-language educational programs of various levels, designed to promote the rapid integration of Ukrainian cultural and artistic education and science in the world.

Among the tasks for the coming years is the creation of new educational PhD programs, particularly, in the field of performing arts and informational, archival and library science.

It is planned to further update and expand the material and technical base of the faculty, in particular, open new classrooms, theatre and other halls in the buildings which are the property the Faculty of Culture and Arts.

Adherence to these principles and strategic objectives will be a prerequisite for the proper effective and dynamic response of the faculty to the challenges of our time.