Postgraduate and doctoral studies

Postgraduate studies program at the Faculty of Culture and Arts was founded in the academic year of 2016-2017 when the first set of postgraduate students was recruited at the Department of Musicology and Choral Arts.  Starting from the first four people, the faculty postgraduate program today includes 32 postgraduate students in two specialties — 025 Musical art and 024 Choreographic art. The longterm development plans of the faculty include opening postgraduate studies in other specialties, in particular 026 Performing Arts and 029 Information, Library and Archival Affairs.

025 Musical art. According to the decision of the Academic Council of the University and the order of the rector, in September 2016, the third educational and scientific level of PhD studies was opened in specialty 025 Musical Art at the Department of Musicology and Choral Art (guarantor of the educational and scientific program, doctor of art history Prof. Medvedyk Yu. E.) and the first recruitment of postgraduate students was completed. In 2021, the Educational and Scientific Program was successfully accredited (the guarantor of the ESP – Prof. Dovhaliuk I. S.). As of October 1, 2022, 13 postgraduate students are studying in the educational and scientific program. In 2021, two postgraduate students successfully defended their doctoral dissertations.

024 Choreographic art. The defining step for Ukrainian choreography was the approval by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in 2014 (Order No. 642 of May 26, 2014) of the passport of the scientific specialty 17.00.08 “Choreographic art” the basis of which was developed by teachers of the Department of directing and choreography Oleh Petryk and Denys Sharikov. Based on this, the department created the first in the history of Ukraine and so far the only postgraduate program in choreography (PhD), licensing the third educational and scientific level of PhD in the specialty 024 Choreographic art. Starting from 2019, postgraduate students are recruited annually and after defending their dissertations will be the first to lay the foundation for the human scientific potential of Ukraine in the specialty “Choreography”.