Student Council

Chairman of the Student Council of the Faculty Alina Kylynych

The main tasks of the Student Council:

  • to present and express the position of students;
  • to represent the student community in the administration of the university and in front of teachers;
  • to protect the rights and interests of students;
  • to help students to solve their problems;
  • to assist the creation of the proper conditions of living and the rest of the students
  • to organize extracurricular life of students: leisure, sports events, rest, etc.
  • to solve issues within the competence of student self-government;
  • to make decisions and demand their implementation;
  • to protect the rights and interests of students
  • to use educational, scientific, production, cultural, sports, household, health-improving base of a higher educational establishment;
  • have access to university information;
  • to be represented in the governing bodies of the university;
  • to strictly adhere to the law of Ukraine and the Regulations on graduation attestation  of their university;
  • to implement the decisions and requirements of the highest  bodies of student self-government;
  • to inform students;
  • to report to the student body about their activities.

The composition of the student council:

Haliant Roman

Myronenko Yana

Babchenko Nelia

Lata Kateryna

Bilokur Yuliia

Korol Khrystyna

Kovbasiuk Anastasiia

Pidhorna Iryna

Poberezhniuk Tetiana

Saraieva Nadiia

Chopyk Solomiia

Rusyn Daryna

Starysh Iryna

Nazarenko Kseniia